Once again, Club Adelphi head quarters is bustling and busy preparing for our next stage of development. Working with the very talented Laura Lindow has been wonderful, and contemplating her experiences as a writer, compared with ours as designers has been most interesting.

Under the Microscope (still working title) is proving to be a long and interesting journey for us all. together we have delved into worlds we barely new existed and come to see in more detail how our lives are interconnected, similar yet diverse and just, well, bloody complicated!

One of the big questions we have come to ask is- How do you keep it simple, without making light of a heavy situation? How do you ask the big questions, lay out the facts, without making a very trite theatre show? And lets throw puppets into the mix with all of their beautiful limitations… How do you escape the quagmire of ideas, throw out your gems and let the baby loose into the world? I think we are getting there, but we are also heartened that even a very skilled writer rankles with the same questions….



What a week! Thanks to everyone who came to see our scratch performances. Your feedback was really interesting and helpful. We feel so positive about where Under the Microscope is heading and have some really exciting new avenues to pursue.

Also, Thanks to Simon, Joy, Natalie and Jo for getting us there and being so helpful!

This whole project has been an amazing process of discovery, from unfolding the marvels that forensic science has to offer, to grasping the full social context in which it is placed…. it just gets bigger and bigger and even more exciting, I suspect we still have much to uncover.



Well, we have great new’s here at Club Adelphi head quarters. We have been invited to scratch some of our ideas at Manipulate Festival in Edinburgh AND Norwich! This is most pleasing as it is our favorite festival, housing the best of puppetry and animation from around the world…. and now us….

For more information visit  or

We hope to see you there!






Date: 14/06/13

Time: 23:46

Location:  Classified

So the past few weeks the Club Adelphi team have been working towards two sharing’s of their findings from their investigations both to an exclusive audience of people, eager like me to find out what’s been going on behind closed doors! The first presentation began at Live Theatre, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, on Thursday 6th June at 8pm and the second at ARC, Stockton, on Thursday 13th June.

Here’s all the evidence I took from fellow witnesses at the crime scene…


Photo Credit Kyle Heslop

Photo Credit Kyle Heslop


Photo Credit Kyle Heslop

Photo Credit Kyle Heslop


Photo Credit Kyle Heslop

Photo Credit Kyle Heslop


Photo credit Kyle Heslop

Photo credit Kyle Heslop

Artists Feedback

Audience Feedback


Were you there? What were your thoughts? Let us know at as we’d love to hear your feedback!





Date: 29/05/13

Time:10:00 until 18:00

Location:  Arc, Stockton

The team have been collaborating with a forensic anthropologist who has been sharing valuable information regarding what actually goes on behind forensic doors and what’s possible with the technology we currently have and what’s coming up in future.

Forensic Interview from molly on Vimeo.


9th May 2013:

It’s been a busy week at ARC! Club Adelphi were joined by Gary, Tom, Karen and Laura, we started the week with a day meeting the puppets and the wonderful Alison McGowan.


We also had an amazing day at Teeside University talking with forensic scientist Shirley Marshall and Forensic anthropologist Dr Tim Thompson. We found out some AMAZING science facts- Did you know that the minerals in the water you drink leave traces in your bones? Different bones hold minerals from different points in your life, for example, your teeth hold minerals from where you were born, whereas your hair and nails; relatively new growth, hold minerals from 7-10 week ago- using this information you can map out a persons life, where they lived and when. Amazing.

1st May 2013:

Under the Microscope – coming to a theatre near you!!!

It’s a busy time here at Club Adelphi HQ.   Puppets appearing, scientists quizzed, stories concocted and the creative team is taking shape.


This is our research and development phase, and we’re presenting two scratches at the end of it all in June.  They’re at two of our partner’s venues, Live Theatre and ARC Stockton.

Also, someone is trying to contact you.  There’s something you need to know about.  There’s a lot of talk of conspiracy these days.  (Confused? Try this one)

18th February 2013:

A Trip to Teesside

A little while ago we went on an exciting trip to meet Teesside University’s Principal Lecturer in Forensic Science, Shirley Marshall… We were able to have a really good poke around their Forensics labs and rather thrillingly got to try out some experiments!  Shirley talked us through lots of different aspects of crime scene investigation and work that goes on in the different forensics teams.  It was brilliant to have a real life expert guide us through the basics – rather than relying on CSI and Wikipedia! We’re planning a return trip in the very near future…

IMG_3649 IMG_3650 IMG_3651 IMG_3652 IMG_3653 IMG_3654 IMG_3655 IMG_3656 IMG_3658 IMG_3659 IMG_3660 IMG_3661

23 January 2013:

Scratch Night @ ARC Stockton

It’s taken a while to get this post up, but thought you’d like to know about our scratch in November 2012. We performed some exerts of our summer residency discoveries at ARC’s Scratch Night. It was a brilliant opportunity to get some interesting feedback and get the puppeteering muscles back into shape!

Part of the showing using a little stop frame animation we ‘specially.  It’s a zoomed in view of the microscope Dr Novak was using…. these are not your average molecules!!!


Here’s some things the audience said:

“Loved the show and idea”

“Loved mechanical puppets, great invention, really nicely puppeteered, nice sound effects and rhythms of movement.”

“Really enjoyed, would love to see longer piece…”

“Really liked the animation/microscope visuals. Found it very watchable…”

“Very good main puppet and manipulation”

“Good use of expression at times really playful”

22nd August 2012:

Residency at ARC Stockton

We’re making a show! At the moment it’s called Under the Microscope.  This summer we were in residency at ARC Stockton with writer Karen Brown, exploring story, character and visual trickery.  Here’s a sneak peak of what we found.

The rest is classified, for now…

ACR_3 ACR_4 ARC_1 ARC_2 ARC_5 ARC_6 ARC_7 ARC_8 ARC_9 ARC_10 ARC_11 ARC_12 ARC_13 ARC_14 ARC_15

22nd May 2012:

Club Adelphi @ GIFT 2012

This year we hosted a workshop at GIFT 2012 (Gateshead’s very own International Theatre Festival).  This was the first step in our practical research and development phase for our new show, Under the Microscope.  We were joined by a team of brilliant minds and together we went on a playful exploration of ideas that used puppetry and total theatre techniques.

gift_1 gift_2 gift_3 gift_4 gift_6 gift_7 gift_8

Photos: Richard Kenworthy

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