1.How long does it take to analyse a DNA sample? Between 24 hours and several weeks. There can be a huge backlog of tests, and some samples are easier then others, though that’s no fun for telly!

2.How often do forensic experts find usable evidence at a crime scene? Actually only around 10% of the time.

3.Forensic entomology is…..the study of insects in relation to a crime.

4.Where’s your happy place? Well, that’s up to you!

5. How do you relax after work? Again, not such a true or false number

6. Choose a mode of transport. Our true forensic hero, Angela Gallop does not drive a hummer, or UFO for that matter, but just a normal car like a normal person.

7.Some people carry  2 sets of DNA. TRUE! There are two causes, one being mother hood; a mother can carry her child’s DNA in her blood for several months after giving birth. Also chimerism, a condition where someone can be born with two sets of DNA. This has stumped the legal and medical professions time and time again since DNA profiling became commonplace.

8. The largest organ in the human body is….? The Skin.

9.Murder rates in developed countries have….? Despite constant media reports on violent crime, Crime rates have actually fallen in recent years.

10.Scientists can always find DNA in a hair sample… False! Most of the cells that make up hair do not contain the right material for DNA testing. Whilst scientists are getting more and more clever about extracting DNA, a hair follicle is still the more reliable part of hair for testing.


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